To me, a tee shirt or a brandmark is an extension of your personality, it’s what makes you original.

D.I.T.R.O (Diamonds In The Rough Originals) is my life's passion project + design moniker. I am inspired by the people and places that I love, + I believe D.I.T.R.O reflects that. My personal mission as a global citizen is to give back to others through my creativity.

D.I.T.R.O is a platform that brings together two of my creative identities – Graphic + Apparel Design. Graphic Design allows me to tell a story through artistic visuals + Apparel Design embodies my personal style + love for streetwear fashion.

Early on in my youth I was taught that EVERY human being is worthy of love, hope, support,
+ a chance to live a life full of passion + originality.

My motivation + inspiration stems from my parents, both of whom work in the mental health field, + as well, my personal experience as a psychiatric aide. My family strongly values giving back to the community by helping those in need, + I do my best to include these values in my creative profession any opportunity I can.

My goal with D.I.T.R.O is to raise awareness + proceeds for charitable organizations that I believe are worthy of attention. I do this by designing limited edition apparel, that I lovingly call the #CHARITEES + the #BeOG . To know more about The #CHARITEES, the #BeOG ,+ who I am donating to this year please visit here