To me, what you wear is an extension of your personality, it’s what makes you original.

DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH ORIGINALS [ D.I.T.R.O ] is the moniker + life passion project of Calgary streetwear | graphic artist + nvrlnd. resident, Sam Mendoza. This passion project stemmed from Mendoza’s life experience working in mental health services at the Centennial Centre of Mental Health & Brain Injury in Ponoka, Alberta where she grew up.


Since founding D.I.T.R.O, Mendoza has strived to raise awareness for charitable causes that she believes are worthy of attention. She personally collaborates with charities, fashion designers, artists, entrepreneurs, + local businesses to raise proceeds + awareness for social issues that impact communities throughout the world.


Through designing + producing small-batch, collections of charitable streetwear + accessories, Mendoza has established + grown D.I.T.R.O on the basis of giving back to the community in her own original way. She is fuelled by the motivation to bring together a love for streetwear fashion + graphic design experience to carry forward her goal of ensuring every human being is reminded that they are unique + original in their own way.

D.I.T.R.O is about making a positive difference in the world, one charitable collection at a time, under Mendoza’s own #BeOG movement.


To know more about D.I.T.R.O’s passion | purpose | pre-order visit here