All D.I.T.R.O Apparel is proudly designed + printed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

 Please keep in mind that it takes 3 to 5 business days before shipment is sent. 

 All D.I.T.R.O Apparel + Accessories are
limited edition.

Limited Edition D.I.T.R.O are released annually. Each Chari-Tee Edition + #BeOG Collection have a set number of prints available both online, + exclusive stockist. In order to make every edition + collection unique, each Chari-Tee/#BeOG are individually customized with handcrafted number details : handpressed vinyl or hand embroidery.

 D.I.T.R.O prints on a wide variety of unisex apparel brands from Bella + Canvas , Jerzees NuBlend,  Gildan, M&O, NSS + featured local designer apparel




When you pre-order D.I.T.R.O limited edition apparel + accessories, it means you purchase the apparel + accessories in advance, before it's official release date. The benefit of purchasing pre-order items is that it is original to you + will secure your Chari-tee or #BeOG apparel + accessories without risking your products from becoming sold out shortly after it goes online + available for purchase at exclusive stockist. 

Thanks to your pre-order, we can base production quantities to an actual market demand, which helps support D.I.T.R.O to stay true as an organically grown crowd funded business model, + do our part environmentally by becoming a more ecologically aware brand. This way we can order, print, produce at realistic quantities + have no huge amounts of inventory left over.
Everything D.I.T.R.O is original.